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Football Debate

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my heart is so full of pride.... [Sep. 26th, 2005|11:57 pm]
Football Debate


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being a LIFE long tennessee fan, and a student at virginia tech...

..i cannot decide who i am more proud of. the absolute destruction of a team that was highly ranked by virginia tech, proving we are as good as everyone hoped we could be...

..or the feel good (and one of the best) overtime comeback-from-21 pt win.

im so proud of my teams. i never doubted my vols, but they had me worried...

and my hokies, well, i knew they had it in them all along.

what do you all think?

[User Picture]From: masterofjesters
2005-09-27 06:04 am (UTC)
I only caught the end of the UT/LSU game tonight and I'm not going to lie that it's good to see someone besides Florida State winning the ACC.

Another thing, from obviously another biased yet lifelong fan...isn't it great to see Penn State winning again? And I'm not a huge Notre Dame fan...but it is good to see all the teams that I grew up watching be good actually playing well again.

The Big 10 and SEC (which are definately two of my favorite football confrences) are both really wide open this year. Michigan and Iowa already have a confrence losses and it's entirely possible that Michigan State, Ohio State, Wisconsin, and Michigan could all split games with each other. Which means there might be a 9-2 Big 10 Champ.
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[User Picture]From: da_pez
2005-09-27 06:32 am (UTC)
wow, you missed out on a helluva good game tonight. tsk tsk

not only is it good to see someone besides florida state winning the acc, but its nice to see all the teams stepping up. i think virginia tech has their side (whatever the hell they call it? atlantic, coastal, its all retarded) wrapped up since miami is here (we are lethal at home) and bc has been our whipping boy bitches for years.
though, florida state could be beaten by clemson or bc. bowden needs the clemson win, as his head is yearly on the chopping block and that is his saving grace, not to mention they have been looking tough all year, and florida state really has a lot of work to do, especially in the qb position.

the big 10, eh, though they have great teams i have never really respected them b/c of all the crap some of their coaches and players pool (ie texas debacle of begging their way into a bowl last year) even though it seems UT has taken a page right out of miami's playbook with all the crap their players are pooling.

i honestly believe that the sec is completely wide open on both sides. UT isnt out of it at all, especially since Florida has been notorious the past few years for dropping the ball at some point, and urban meyer (though an amazing coach) has never played in southern football....which whether you like it or not is what true football is all about. down here its all they have to live for, and therefore take it more as a religion than as a game.

its going to be a good season

you hear it here first folks: usc drops to asu this weekend. texas (known choke artists) lose one most likely. virginia tech wins out and goes to pasadena to play the winner of the sec: either florida (if they can win out, and then beat lsu again), tennessee (outside shot), uga (who are going to surprise ppl, and dont have to worry about florida b/c its always played at a neutral site), or lsu (because they will win the west, and it all depends on who they play).... (its just too close to call this early on)

my prediction...virginia tech vs sec winner.

haha, and just so everyone knows, i also just saw a pig flying outside my window

Hokies NCAA champs '05. i believe.
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