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Football Debate

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[Nov. 10th, 2005|09:01 pm]
Football Debate


What does everything think about T.O. being suspended from Phili for the rest of the year? Who didn't see it coming. I had such high hopes for this years time and now I find myself hoping that they don't end up dead last in their division....

[User Picture]From: masterofjesters
2005-11-11 06:45 am (UTC)
From a team standpoint, they did the right thing. Like it or not, Football is a team game, and everone has to work together to win. A team needs communication. If the O-line doesn't talk, someone won't get blocked. If the QB and recievers don't talk, someone will run the wrong route and the pass will get picked off. When the highest paid reciever in the league with 3 Hummers in his garage demands a new contract because he's "working to put food on the table" the team needs to seriously reconsider their commitment to him. TO is arguably one of the better recievers in the game, but if he won't be a team player, then he's worthless. Not just to the Eagles, to any team.

The problem is going to be, no one is going to want to pay him the money he wants with the attitude he has. So he's either going to have to shape-up his attitude or ask for less money. Because if he keeps going the way he is, he's going to end up in Europe or Canada.

I must say I've been pleasantly suprised with the NFC East this year...Dallas and Washington have both stepped it up and the Giants have matured nicely as a team. The Eagles are only 4-4 and could easily win the division with an 11-5 or 10-6 record. So I don't think it's worth worrying quite yet...if they get to 6 losses, then it's time to worry. But it's only halfway through the season, so you never know.

The real interesting race is going to be the shootout between the Steelers and Bengals. The Bengals came in 3rd in the division last year, so they have a significantly easier schedule than the Steelers, so it's going to be interesting to see who can win more games. In all reality...they could end up 13-3 and 12-4. I'm personally going to predict 12-4 for Pittsburgh and 11-5 for Cincy...but the race is definately going to go down to the wire.
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