bigblue01 (bigblue01) wrote in football_debate,

ESPN has saved its best and most blatant gimmick for the last week of college football. A new analysis team involving Fowler, Herbstreit and May compare this year's USC team against the "Top 11" teams from all-time. The show (broadcasted thrice daily) has these 3 respectable analysts compare apples and oranges and quite astonishingly make a show out of it!!

Each day one team from history is brought in to compete against the Trojans as a war of words and statistics. The analysts break down this imaginary contest and shell out reasons why the Trojans would romp home. Yesterday's example involved a matchup of the 2002 Buckeyes and today's Trojans. Mr. May's argument was that although the Buckeye's defense was stellar, it would fade away compared to the Trojan's two-headed monster of an offense. Mr. May conveniently forgets that the Buckeyes had a very physical defense which delivered a body blow to the 'Canes offense by taking away the McGahee threat. If comparisons are to be made, a Bush'less Trojans team would not score many points against that D.

The point being made here is that with no notable college football action, TV networks are trying various ways to make their analysts earn their pay. While viewers like the theatrics of ESPN's GameDay, this new offering leaves a lot to be desired. Hope with some good games coming up soon, the experts will get back to talking sense and not earn their money by making baseless comparisons.
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