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Why the Colts will beat Da Bears

First off if ya'll think that da bears can beat da Colts, you guys are nuts. This game is really going to come down to which team wants it most. lets take this play by play. First the quarterbacks. Manning vs. Grossman. You got a seasoned record making Indiana God vs. a younger formerly injured mediocre QB who seems to float back and forth between bad and ok, really dont see much of a chance there. The Bears are going to have to rely on there Cover 2 defense. But with Urlacher there he almost seems to make it like a Cover 3. But dont forget about Bob Sanders and Antoine Bethea. They could possible be the thorn in the bears offense. Which will definitly not help out our little bears. Because Lovie Smith once worked for Tony Dungee I think new inventive coaching is what's going help out the colts. Dungee is going to need to be creative and one step ahead of Smith. Vinatieri and Gould are going to need to bring there A game and pick up some of the extra points that are going to be needed to win this game. Joseph Addai has been a rookie savior for my colts and pair him up with Devin Hester of the bears and these two are definitly going to be a deciding factor in the teams running game.Basically its going to boil down to these matchups:

When the Colts have the Ball:
Peyton Manning vs. The Bears Secondary line
TE Dallas Clark vs. Brian Urlacher
Colts running Backs vs. Bears run Defense
Colts offensive Tackles vs. Bears Edge Rushers
Adam Vinatieri vs. Long Rand Field goals

When the Bears have the Ball:
Bears Running Backs vs Colts Run Defense
OB Rex Grossman vs. Himself trust me he's really his own worst enemy
LT John Tait vs. Colts Cornerbacks
KR Devin Hester vs. COlts kick coverage

If you weigh these thing and bring them into perspective you will see that there really is no way the bears can beat the colts.
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