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Football Debate

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[Mar. 21st, 2007|05:50 pm]
Football Debate
If you're interested in: the nfl draft, mock drafts, player scouting,or information on college players
It's relatively new but, I'd like to make it a fun place for people to talk about the draft and college players.

Then join this community mockdraft

[User Picture]From: yobachi2003
2007-03-22 01:45 pm (UTC)
Do you really think you need a whole nother community just to talk about one event. You could do that here or at sportsdebate
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[User Picture]From: yobachi2003
2007-03-22 03:49 pm (UTC)
You know what, I take it back.

As many times as you're posting in one day, maybe you do need a seperate space for it.
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