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First off, we'll start with the San Francisco 49ers.

This team is truly in a rut but I am happy they hired Mike Martz as the Offensive Coordinator.  This is where he truly shines; behind the desk up top calling the plays, not down on the field dealing with the team itself.  After all, look at the Ram's '99 Season when he created the "Greatest Show on Turf" with Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, Terry Holt and Issac Bruce.  Then, in '01 the GSoT repeated and returned the Superbowl, only to lose the god forsaken Patriots (YOU SUCK! 18-1 bitches!)  Those were Martz's two best seasons as Head Coach of the Rams during his 5 year career.

And yes, I know many people say that Martz's Offensive System is only good for padding the stats of a Quarterback, and as a Pass-First-Run-When-Needed Offense (which is why I'm a HUGE supporter of the Run & Shoot/Run'n'Gun Offense of the ol' Houston Oilers), I'm okay with that.  If Martz can reproduce the GSoT in the 49ers, we might just another 49ers Run sometime soon - that is if the front office is willing to stick with Martz (Stupid Lions...).  Let Martz do his things, and we can expect great things from J.T O'Sullivan (who is a Mediocre at best Quarterback), Alex Smith (whom I hope gets his Job back as Starter; what happened to him was very unfair) and Frank Gore who I think could possibly be even more explosive then Marshall Faulk, given the circumstances.  He is an excellent runner and a great pass catcher.  Martz is going to have a field day with him.

Okay, now lets to the Roster Breakdown, shall we?

Since we're putting faith in Martz, we need to first take a look at our Wide Receivers.  The first name that stands out is the recent acquisition of Issac Bruce.  He is a carry over from the St. Louis Rams and was part of Mikes GSoT in both '99 and '01.  He is VERY familiar with this style of offense and Mike is sure to utilize him.  Granted he has 13 years in as an NFL Pro, but don't count him out just yet.  He has at least 1 or 2 more good years in him; if not as a speed runner then he will definitely excel in Second-and-Long, Third-and-Short situations.  I still expect another 1,000+ yard season from him.

Another stand out receiver is Bryant Johnson.  He is a big Pass Catching Receiver from Arizona who had some decent years.  Granted no 1,000+ seasons, but in his 5 seasons with the Cardinals, he had 2 500+ yrd seasons and 1 700+ yard season.  Another great go-to receiver in 2nd-and-long, 3rd-and-short situations.

The 49ers made a mistake when they released Ashley Lelie.  He could have done good things for this organizations, but... we shall see how our two Stand Out Receivers too.  Hopefully, the Rookies we have will be able to step up and make some big, big plays.

Oh yeah, we can't forget about Vernon Davis.  He's big, bruising type of TE who has the speed to burn you and the agility to get out some sticky situations.  He'll be great for 1st and 2nd down picks ups.  Hopefully Martz will be able to utilize him well and perhaps even send him out wide as a Receiver to catch some short passes over the middle or curls.  Definitely not a 1,000+ yard season, but I think he'll do just fine.  (ALERT: BIG Vernon Davis fan.)

Being the preseason just ended (and I don't watch those games) I don't have much else to say about the Offense then that.  I'll have more to say about the Line itself when the regular season starts.

Now lets move onto the Defense.

Patrick Willis.  He is our stand out player on Defense.  He is a beast of a MLB and with Mike Singletary as our Linebackers coach, our set of LB's are going to have another great year I expect.  Willis is quick and agile, able to get the ball fast and wraps up well.  He's going to a pain in the neck to a lot of teams Run Game this year.  Hopefully our front 7 will be good enough that'll be able to force the Pass more and allow our highly over paid CB Clements pick up a few more Interceptions this year.

Hey, maybe we'll get lucky and our Secondary will actually PLAY better this year...

Short on the defense? Yeah... I'm not a Defensive Minded person, so I'm merely speaking out on those who I actually pay attention to.  Which really isn't much...

Now, we move onto the second-to-last thing: My expectations for the 49ers this year.

1) I expect a solid season for O'Sullivan and/or Alex Smith year under Mike Martz.  With Issac Bruce, Vernon Davis and Bryant Johnson as our WR/TE tandem, we should have good go-to guys this year.  If our Rookies stand up and make the big plays, I easily for see a 4,200-4,600 yrd season for either of our Quarterbacks.

2) Our Offensive Line do better with protecting our QB this year.  You can't move the ball down field is your Quarterback is sitting on his ass the moment the balls snapped! Shape up Hogs and look our for him this year, aye? If we can eliminate even a quarter of the sacks given up this year, we'll do much better - and even win some more games as well.

3) Frank Gore to play as he has been.  If Martz can get Gore into the passing game as he did with Marshall Faulk, we should be looking another impressive season for him.  Maybe he'll become the Third Person to have 1,000/1,000 yard season? He's got the speed burst needed to get through the holes and has the strength to break tackles as well as run over the pitiful secondary’s of their opponents.  He has descent hands as well, so he'll be a big time threat in passing situations; especially when sending him out wide (to discover the types of coverage) or hitting him in the flat or Screens.

4) Our Secondary to make the interceptions - especially you, Clements, you overpaid Cornerback.  Pick up a few more interceptions this year; give the ball back to our offense more and let them rack up the points - provided our Quarterback isn't taking a tea break from being sacked, that is.

5) Shutting down the Run Game.  Our DL and LB's need to take it up another notch.  We need to force teams to pass more often so our secondary can do their job and give it back to our offense.

Last but certainly not least, we need to address the Coaching Situation.

Mike Nolan, I love you man, but I'm sorry, you have got to go.  We need to hire a better Head Coach; one who can inspire our players better.  Lets take a trip down memory lane, eh? Maybe, some how, we can entice Mike Shanahan back to our organization as the Head Coach? Being an Offensive Minded coach, working in tandem with Mike Martz will make Secondary's cry for time out - especially if our O-Line steps up.

Okay, not a fan of Shanahan? How about Steve Mariucci? Look at what he did with the 49ers; almost took them BACK to the Superbowl TWICE within his tenure as the 49ers Head Coach.  Granted he did have Steve Young, Jerry Rice, Brent Jones and a budding Terrell Owens to work with, but meh... I like him?

How about we go back to the Bill Walsh era? Mike Holmgren.  Perhaps the 49ers can entice him out with a nice juicy, fat contract to become our new Head Coach.  Another Offensive minded coach, and IIRC was the OC with his tenure with the 49ers.  Could be mistaken though... Even though, he rejuvenated the Seahawks Offense... he could certainly do the same for the 49ers, aye?

As for DC, Steve Spagnuolo.  Just LOOK at what he did with the Giants and their Defense! They shut down the High Powered Offense of the Patriots in the Superbowl! The very team that had been posting up 45-65 points on teams PER GAME.  They held them to a meager 14 points! Spagnuolo would be a FANTASTIC fit with the 49ers.

Rex Ryan is also another descent pick.  He is the son of Buddy Ryan (creator of the Offense Crushing 46 Defense) and was there with the Baltimore Ravens record setting Defense in their Superbowl Run.  Ryan would also be another good fit with the 49ers and could give our Defense the boost it needs.

Phew! That's really all I have to say :S Comment and let me know what you think! Do you agree? Disagree with anything I say?

See yeah!

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