49ers and Cowboys

I was looking over this week's schedule and I saw that the Cowboys are playing the 49ers. Remember when that game would be HUGE? Could the young 'Boys get passed the veteran 'Niners? Now I see the other 4:15 game is the Pats at the Steelers. That's the game I want to see. The AFC rules right now. So, when will the NFC rise again?

Best of the NFC?

The Falcons and the Eagles are supposed to be the class of the NFC, but I don't think they can hold a candle to some AFC teams. Really, can you picture Vick beating the Steelers in Pittsburgh? In November? Last night I saw a very disinterested looking Eagles team. Donovan McNabb, who I think is a great QB, looked a bit sick last night. He had some really sorry looking throws. The Falcons? Well their D is looking young and hungry, but they still don't have a wide receiver.

I think the Colts looked really good this week. Ok, holding the Ravens scoreless isn't that big an achievement, nevertheless their D is looking really good. They looked sharp and business-like. Pittsburgh looked good too, although Ben didn't have to do much.

So which team looked good to you this week? And how many of you are re-thinking your year end picks?
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did anyone just see that? Jeremiah Trotter and Kevin Mathis just got ejected from the game! The game hasn't even started!! damn...it was like the team was facing off on the Eagles' seal :s craziness!!


With little over an hour left before the first sunday of football starts, WHOSE EXCITED???? lol there looks to be some pretty good matchups today... I am looking forward to seeing the ravens and the colts play and also the matchup between dallas and the chargers... All in all Im excited and ready... What game are u looking forward to the most.. It will be interesting to watch the vikings without moss, dc will still bring his a game though.


so much for a good opening nite...ah, this game sucked... Not that I like the raiders but come on these pats have to fall.. this year...The New England fans wont let us live it down if they win 3 in a row... really now the pats....
does anyone out there ( other then a pat fan) want to see these guys win yet again....all right the game just got over so I am out ....War what ever I dont care....